Fantechi Andrea Connell

Andrea Fantechi Connell was born in Florence in 1978.

He alternates his presence between Italy and foreign countries, expecially in Australia.

He obtained the diploma at Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence.

During the several travels, he ran into personalities like Karl Stirner and Steve Tobin.


Andrea Fantechi Connell turns his attention to the figurative field and to the American and British Pop Art, preserving his individuality permeated with a pinch of nostalgia and suspension that recalls Edward Hopper.


A bright sensibility for the graphics and the geometry animates his characters and his compositions rich in details and permeated with refined chromatic solutions in which prevail fragile light-blue and strong blue.


"The subjects represented are the artist’s life experiences: the travels and the people he met and who have left in him a lasting sign; the artist often starts from a sentence in his mind and from the title to narrate a moment, a memory. A space filled only with a television turned on and a chair, a stereo or a swimming pool abandoned creates a great temporal suspense as though something is going to happen at any moment or, perhaps, it is already happened. (...)" - Camilla Mineo


Andrea Fantechi Connell’s artworks are exhibited in around the world.

Fantechi Andrea Connell

Borgo Pinti, 63 - 50121 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 339.2974048

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