Fiore Francesca

Francesca Fiore was born in Viggianello (Pz) in 1951.

She graduated at the Istituto d’Arte of Castrovillari (Cs) in 1970.

She has taught Artistic Education at the state junior high school and has taken part in several exhibitions and festivals, where she reached the approval by the critic and the local authorities, such as during La Palma D’oro per l’arte in 2010.


Among the several prizes she has received, we recall Premio Leone d’oro per l’arte, Gran Premio Il Giorgione and Premio Artiste de Montmartre.

The artist has taken part in contemporary Art Fairs like Arte Padova, Vernice Art Fair and Contemporanea Forlì.


Francesca Fiore investigates through her painting the essential aspects of nature, meant as the natural source of life.

Her artworks have intensely communicative features and promote an intimate visual dialogue with the observer, which becomes the starting point of an introspective process.


The unframed profiles of the real elements are inserted on indecipherable landscapes which evoke padded floral visions that reveal a pure nature always prepared for welcome us.

The hues acquire a strongly symbolic meaning and stimulate the viewer to a deep introspection.


Important critics like Vittorio Sgarbi and Giorgio Falossi have written about Francesca Fiore.

Her artworks are in Italian and foreign private collections.

Fiore Francesca

Via Gallizzi, 140 - 85040 Viggianello (PZ) - IT

Tel: +39 347.0178171

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