Florio Folini Gioielli

Precious purchases of jewels and mechanical watches in the centre of Sondrio


The firm Florio Folini Gioielli began in Sondrio in 1951, in a small workshop in the historic centre, from the expertise and great passion of Florio Folini for jewels and mechanical watches, the result of a demanding apprenticeship at Coira, in Switzerland, where he learned the most innovative repair techniques.


Watchmaking joins with handcrafted jewelry, adorned with prized and sought after precious stones, selected and acquired in the principal world fairs.


An important turning point was the acquisition in the 1970's of the ROLEX dealership, a brand of excellence in Swiss watchmaking, where with even today Florio Folini Gioielli shares the corporate goals and philosophy.


In October 2015 the shop in Livigno was completely renovated and a Rolex corner was added.


Today Antonella and Patrizia Folini run the family business with the same passion and professionalism that always distinguishes it, proposing a selection of jewels and mechanical watches, and precious objects of high quality to satisfy the most exacting clients.


Florio Folini Shop:


Via Fontana, 81 - 23030 Livigno (SO)

Ph. +39 0342.997546 - Fax +39 0342.997595


Galleria XXV Aprile, 1 - 23100 Sondrio
Ph. +39 0342.512314 - Fax +39 0342.212633

Florio Folini Gioielli

Galleria XXV Aprile, 1 - 23100 Sondrio (SO) - IT

Tel: +39 0342.512314

Fax: +39 0342.212633



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Mikhail Klyatov

Dear Sirs, Do you have in stock Rolex GMT Master II in steel?