Franchi Antonio

Antonio Franchi was born in Siena in 1968. He lives and works in Milan and in Florence.

After the studies in classical subject, he graduated in Law.

Later, he attended a painting course at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan.

The artist exhibits in Italy and abroad. Between the Eighties and the Nineties, he attended the master Roberto Corsini in Lipari and the expert and artist Antonio Tropeano, with who Antonio Franchi became interested in the study of the color, in Siena.

In 1998, the artist is in London, where starts studying the informal painting.

Three years later, he became interested in the “great Americans”.

In 2006, he met the Florentine painter Alvaro Baragli.


At the beginnings of his activity, Antonio Franchi was close to the figurative branch. In the last few years, he has developed an experimental research called sintesi aerea characterized by abstract artworks linked to the expressionism and realized with the research tools Google Maps and Google Earth.

The artist uses in his artworks vivid brightness of colors that are restricted in reticulated geometries. The place, which is the preferred subject of the artworks, is a presence just barely sensed. The only reference that is given by the artist is the title, which allows us to begin a personal process of interpretation of the artwork.


"Analizing Antonio Franchi’s paintings can be noticed his inclination to acquire a personal expressivity that is at the same time autonomous and free of technical details. In fact, the artist directs his attention at the research of original expressive solutions in which the traditional media are integrated with innovative sources. In this way, the creative competence and the inspiration that characterize his artworks reveal themselves in a flawless way. From Antonio Franchi point of view, the color is the crucial center of his unique informal language. In fact, in his artworks is established a strong balance of lights and shadows and of matter and soul in which the different elements are blended together in a pleasant union of hues that correspond to each other. This gives to the totality of the artwork an effect of tridimensional plasticity." - Elena Gollini


Franchi Antonio

Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 13 - 20123 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 335.5913730

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