Gabriele Maquignaz

A sensitive artist between painting and sculpture


Son of art, since he was child, Gabriele Maquignaz showed an inclination and talent for creativity which became, in maturity, a physical and spiritual need to express himself through painting and sculpture. The first paintings are highly textured, chromatic, incorporating everyday objects placed in very original structures and ideas: these works are the prelude to a new artistic period dedicated to forging and shaping wood, soil and metals of all kinds, thus creating sculptures, even monumental ones, which find their most intense interpretation in the confrontation between man – God - nature.


The personal research around the themes of life and death a true obsession of the artist who is sorely tried by personal experience, are essential elements of his art, around which, he experiments and researches the essence of himself. The meeting with the well-known sculptor François Thévénin from Cannes marks a decisive turning point in Maquignaz's creations.


Thanks to these experiments the Code Maquignaz is born an existential and artistic manifesto of the author. At the historic space Pozzo Garitta in front of the atelier of Lucio Fontana founder in the fifties and sixties of Spatialism, on 28 July 2018 in Albissola the master Maquignaz presented his latest research Manifesto Codice Aldilà of which he is the founding father. The artist has exhibited all over the world at public and private institutions, such as museums, foundations, galleries and Italian Cultural Institutes abroad.

Gabriele Maquignaz

Valtournenche - 11021 Breuil Cervinia (AO) - IT

Tel: Mob. +39 339.1371001 - +39. 339.1371001

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