Gamba Paola

Paola Gamba was born in Thiene (Vi) in 1948. She lives and works in Portogruaro (Ve).

She has graduated in Padua and she currently dedicates herself to teaching humanistic subjects and to painting.

She has attended several courses at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica of Venice, in which she focused on the informal-abstract research. These courses allow her to leave the influencing perimeter of the figure and to express herself with mixed media on surfaces obtained by the combination of collage and color. The artist has taken part in numerous workshops in Italy, Germany, Belgium and Austria in which she has developed a language either figurative and abstract.


In fact, as the artist has affirmed: “between these two categories there is consequentiality rather than contradiction, the contradiction only appears to be. The elds coexist and strengthen each other. Actually, the one explains the other.”

Paola Gamba has partaken in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


"Paola Gamba brings out the emotional aspect of the contemporaneity and discloses it in geometries which narrate résumé of the reality seeped with her favorite colors without resort to the figurative way and convention. The thought becomes logic structure, set up of rhythms, flows and allocations and overlapping in multiple juxtapositions on dominant colors. The spontaneous gesture adapts and lessens itself in need to bring out an ideal acknowledgment of the reality through analogies that are elusive in the instant but to discover in the solicitations which force to overtake the immediate perception for enter the liberating strength of the color that has led the vision. The reality never depletes in itself. It becomes lighter. It reformulates its essential elements. It focuses on the hues which are integrated in the temporal detachment.
In the spatial one. In this way, the creativity emerges: the deepest expression between the artist and the Universe." - Giulio Gasparotti


Gamba Paola

Via Giuseppe Giacosa, 10 - 30026 Portogruaro (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 329.0678422

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