Gatto Gianfranco

Gianfranco Gatto was born in Taranto, where he currently lives and works, in 1952.
After he completed his studies, he enlisted in the navy and was fascinated by the immense spaces, colors and sensations which originate exclusively from the various hues of the sky and the sea, elements which are an important part of his artistic production.


The artist has partaken in various exhibitions and festivals in Italy and abroad.
Several critics and researchers like, for example Lea Aprico, Giovanni Amodio, Antonio Biella, Salvatore Catapano, journalist at RAI, Serena Corrente, Rosalba De Giorgi and Enzo Quarto, journalist at RAI. His wrote about the artist work on specialized magazines.


Gianfranco Gatto’s artworks are in several Annual Art publications, among which we recall Annuario Come Arte Italiana and New Art Antologia.

Gatto Gianfranco

Via Lucania, 31 - 74100 Taranto (TA) - IT

Tel: +39 347 7896314

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