Ghelli Clara

Clara Ghelli was born in Medicina (Bo), she paints since when she was young. In the mid-eighties, the encounter with the Master Mario Nanni determines a changing in her artistic activity.


The initial phase of her work is characterized by a reflection on the theme of the trees, that are translated in vertical lines and geometric masses which are the path to the following abstract experience.

Then, the attention is focused on the theme of the face taken from the Disney’s cartoons that develop in a cubs-futuristic molded background.

In the lasts years, the artworks are enriched with an additional element, the collage. Fragments of her first grade notebook become integral part of the artwork, in a gesture of re-appropriation of her childhood.


She has partaken in several solo shows in Italy. Among them there is a very recent exhibition in Bologna where she creates an environment, inspiring at the tailor activity of the father. Here, the models and the objects find a new vitality in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Her artworks are in several public and private collections, among which Museo delle Generazioni Italiane del ‘900 G. Bargellini in Pieve di Cento (Bo), Modern Art Museum di Ca’ la Ghironda in Zola Predosa (Bo), Polo Culturale Medico Sociale Du quai de la Pallèe in Romilly sur Seine, Palazzo Ducale in Revere (Mn), Pinacoteca Aldo Borgonzoni in Medicina.


About her artworks have written, among the others, Beatrice Buscaroli, Giorgio Celli, Valerio Dehò, Luciana Gandini, Francesco Martani, Lorenza and Monica Miretti, Davide Rondoni, Gregorio Scalise, Paola Serra Zanetti, Chiara and Leo Strozzieri, Gian Luigi Zucchini.

Ghelli Clara

Via Cherubini, 18 - 40141 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: + 39 335.5616268

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