Ghilarducci Paolo

Paolo Ghilarducci was born in Camaiore (Lu), where he currently lives and works, in 1944.

Son of a decorator, he dedicates himself since he was young to drawing, painting and mosaic and attended quinquennial courses at School of Paris.


Oriented to an operative investigation that is in the modern Expressionism, Paolo Ghilarducci uses different techniques like oil, acrylic, clay and papier-mâché.
During his career, he took part in several solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has received various prizes and acknowledgements like Premio Louvre 2011.


Among the researchers and the critics who wrote about him we could recall Pier Paolo Castellucci and Vittorio Sgarbi.


The artist’s work were published in magazines’ covers and specialized publications like, for example, Proposte published by Il Quadrato and Pittori e scultori italiani del ‘900, both published in 1991. Some of his artworks are in private and public collection in Italy and abroad.


"(…) is more suitable to appropriate of every image that Ghilarducci submits as a sum of icons strongly measurable, as “cuidenti”, in and of itself, a martial permanence in the aura of a dilated symbolism in their charming linguistic adroit, but especially, where the stylistic garment reaches episodes of a perfect demanding surrender. In some titles of his oil on canvas and board: Costruzione ririflessa, Progenie, Cerchio chiuso, Note d’onda, Contenitore organico and so on, we could notice germinal instances of a conscious proposition and of a creative thought which open and touch the senses through an intensification of the reality, “ezionata”, if we can say that, through the inspection of a sweet and irrational dream. A dream permeated by melodic echoes without any metonymic enjambements and, even unclear and ambiguous at the light of the awakening, unravels in an ascendent rhythm of purity and formal and intellectual enchantment." - Pier Paolo Castellucci

Ghilarducci Paolo

Via Marcello Lucchesi, 16 - 55041 Camaiore (LU) - IT

Tel: +39 339.6741172

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