Ghisleni Anna

Anna Ghisleni was born in Calusco d'Adda (Bg).
She currently lives and works in Terno d'Isola (Bg). She graduated in Law.


Multifaceted artist, she has participated in numerous exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, of international appeal among which we remember, among the most recent, the collective "Oltre il Tempo" at Palazzo Rolli Saluzzo in Genoa and "Vegetalia". "Tra Alberi, Fiori e Frutti" at the House Museum Sartori in Castel D'Ario (Mn).

Numerous, moreover, the participation in Competitions, Exhibitions and Art Fairs, among which we remember the Hong Kong edition of Affordable Art Fair, where she was represented by Galleria Colonna.


The artist, during her activity has made the illustrations of several book covers and music albums. Numerous scholars and art critics, such as Stefano Cortina, Enzo Schiavi, Barbara Mazzoleni and Franco Pedrinzani, have written about Anna Ghisleni's activity. Her works are found in Italian and foreign public collections.


A first distracted glance at the works could see the suggestions of pointillisme, when the tones, formed by pure colors from patches of pure colors skillfully juxtaposed with each other, make up the unity of the whole. This objective was achieved by George Seurat, Henri Edmond Cross and Paul Signac.

But Anna Ghisleni works with a spatula, with thick and wide layers of oil colors, almost modeled in relief (...).



Spatiality intended as a flight towards infinity, an aspiration to soar above all physical borders above every physical boundary in order to break the ties with a reality bound to a daily routine. (...) Every painting is the vector of a concept and (...) that go beyond the simple figurative expression, because nature, in its most striking manifestations, is inserted in a more universal context (...).


Ghisleni Anna


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