Goetze Vinci Martina

Martina Goetze Vinci was born in Hamburg.  She graduated in Media Studies and has followed her passion for art, in particular for painting and drawing, attending the art school Wolfgang Krenckel.

After being for a while in South America, she moved to Italy, where she works in the creative eld for the major international communication agencies. At the same time, she continues her artistic education, initially autonomously and, later, attending Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan.


At the early stages, she transfers to the artworks the energy of the vibrations she feels from light and the surrounding. At the present, she develops a deep introspection of the female character.


Among the exhibitions she has partaken could be indicated the solo show at Galleria Monogramma Arte Contemporanea in Rome and the collective shows at Consolato Generale d’Italia Miami Florida during Mese della Cultura, at Galleria Etienne de Causans in Paris, at Palazzo Renzo Piano / il Sole 24 Ore during Expo 2015, at 5th Gallery in London, at Fondazione Umanitaria Milano and the collective installation at Padiglione Tibet during the 57th Biennale di Venezia.


"Martina Goetze Vinci starts her artistic path in the atelier of Wolfgang Krenkel in Hamburg and has continued her studies with other artists in Germany and in South America along with an intense autodidactic research. Once in Italy, she conveys in her artworks the vibrations of the light and the colors caught from the environment. She has improved her education attending Scuola degli arte ci and Libera scuola del Nudo e degli Artefici at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. Nowadays, she expresses her artistic essence mainly through a deep interpretation of the female character standing out the sensuality and the mysteries which recall an itinerary that ranges between passion and challenge, getting through the adolescent uncertainty and the feminine completeness. The intensity and the essentiality of the mark are the main traits of the artist who, by the introspection, states the will to make the inner vibrations resound and to release the individual energy in the conjunction with the Universal Soul."Fabrizia Buzi Negri

Goetze Vinci Martina

Italia - (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 340.7073789



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