La Farfalla

The best Sicilian ceramics in Fano


In the heart of Fano is "La Farfalla", a Sicilian ceramics shop decorated and modelled entirely by hand.


In the "La Farfalla" showroom you can appreciate some of the most famous Sicilian ceramics in the world such as handicrafted ceramics from Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra.


The realization of each ceramic object resumes the style of all the peoples who colonized Sicily and are made entirely by hand according to a manufacturing process composed of multiple stages each of which is essential to create a product with a unique design and the true expression of Made in Italy.

La Farfalla

Corso Matteotti, 65 - 61032 Fano (PU) - IT

Tel: +39 0721.800796

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