Lauria Pinter Francesca

Since 1977 Francesca Lauria Pinter is present in the International art scene by participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Today her works are featured in over 200 exhibitions.


Her works brought her popular and critical acclaim.

Enzo Santese writes about her: “….a few lines run through the area of net impressions and the sign sometimes stretches rapidly with a dry and almost engraved stroke, while the wateriness of the colour undoes the plasticity of the figure advantaging elegant pictorial modulations ...".


The artist can be found in various art publications (1992 Grafiche Antiga - edited by M. Morales, 1997 Biblioteca Cominiana) and in over 50 critical catalogs (de Gaudio Roma - Rizzi Venezia - Morales Belluno - Miniaci Cosenza - Varanelli Ancona - Perale Belluno - Guadagno Mantova - Vergaro Lecce - Mazzei Cosenza - Galasso Lecce - Semenzato Padova - Santese Trieste).

Lauria Pinter Francesca

Via Rosselli, 16 - 32100 Belluno (BL) - IT

Tel: +39 338.1334883

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