Lupieri Lili

Lupieri Lili was born in Trieste, where she still lives and work. Mature and experienced painter, she has exhibited her work throughout European capitals and overseas receiving acclaim from both critics and public alike.

She was awarded the title of Professor of Painting by the Accademia II Machiavello in Florence.


Observing her works each element, although contrasting, stand out and breathe in symbiosis. The result of this coexistence eternalises opposite and independent principles, in a continuous evolution of art, creating new images, in a crazy exaltation of the Ego and divinizing thought.


The rigor of geometry put together the arcuate, half spherical and spherical lines in an elaborate context; the colour supported by the form, dance in the light and for the light.

Lupieri Lili

Via M. Buonarroti, 46 - 34141 Trieste (TS) - IT

Tel: +39 040.360090 - Mob. +39 328.4097255

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