Maniscalco Matilda Luna

Matilda Luna Maniscalco was born in 14th may 2000 in Milan. She has grown in the pre-school and primary school “Rudolf Steiner” of Milan and attends the first two-year period of the secondary school “Nuovo Liceo Artistico” of Milan.

She is enrolled at the three-year period of the artistic High School of Sesto San Giovanni, figurative course.


She is an eclectic character: she’s training karate, enjoying play the guitar, and having fun modeling for hairstyle; but what identifies her nature is the creating with the colors, paint brushes, canvases and clay.


Among the artistic events she took in part: projecting and realization of murales in Paese Museo di San Sperate in Sardinia (April 2017); projecting and realization on canvas on theme in the “ tre giorni” during “Barlassina Open Art” (May 2017). In this pages she wants to display three of her artworks that would be a “taste” of her varied and, sometimes, extemporaneous artistic activity.


"Matilda Luna Maniscalco is a young artist that nimbly ranges between different pictorial and sculptural techniques in which emerge references connected to her hobbies and passions. The constant mark of her paintings is the color, that builds and creates either the dreamlike landscapes and the figures stood out in an indefinite scenario or trespassed on it. Another characteristic element of the artist’s style is the luminosity. The bright component, that is made with either delicate brush strokes applied quickly or with prevalent elements, is essential in Maniscalco’s production and is able to give to the general atmosphere of the painting a sense of levity that either relieves the dense and substantial brush strokes of the backgrounds and the figures or lights up a forest by night." -  Sara Tassan Solet



Maniscalco Matilda Luna

Sesto San Giovanni - 20099 (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 335.5295085

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