Mannone Alina

Alina Mannone  is a painter and designer. She was born in Marsala (Tp), where she currently lives and works. She studied at the high school in Palermo and she attended art courses organized by the Ministry of Education in Marsala Trapani and Rome. She currently teaches at junior high school.


Alina Mannone has partaken in solo and collective shows in Italy, France, Austria, England, United States and China, where she obtained remarkable approvals.

Among the most recent events, we can mention the collective Catholic Union of Italian Artists at the Galleria La Pigna in Rome (2015).

She won several prizes, among them: Artista nella Storia in Rovigo, Nobel dell’Arte in Montecarlo and Premio Artista dell’Anno in Cesenatico.


The activity of Alina Mannone ranges between the drawing and the painting. She prefers to use the oil spread with spatula. Critics like Mario Portalupi and Roberto Perdicaro have written about her creations. The artworks are at Museo Internazionale in Rovigo and in private collections abroad.


"The landscapes are inspired by a virgin nature in which the gentle and respectful mark of the man is barely perceived. Exotic beaches, sublime cliffs and impressionist light plays are just few of the ingredients which create a painting, which is characterized
by unavoidable material marks and can create luminous vibrations that have a great appeal. The surprising narrative effectiveness of Alina Mannone’s artworks is not restricted to a careful description of the nature, which is carefully stated through the atmospheric effect, the chromatic realism and the spatial research. In fact, this is deeper and either stimulates the heartfelt cords of the soul and raises thin feelings, which sometimes are imperceptibles, able to amaze thanks to their softness." - Roberto Perdicaro

Mannone Alina

Viale Whitaker, 15 - 91025 Marsala (TP) - IT

Tel: +39 338.7138505

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