Marazzi Gabriella

In the columns of the magazines Marazzi Gabriella’s appears as a frivolous character, a sort of caricature divided between inaugurations and parties in Costa Smeralda.


However, on a closer examination of the sources we can understand the real figure of the artist, who works in the figurative field for decades.

It is explicative the last catalogue published by Mondadori “La vita in un segno di grafite”, where her entire activity as portraitist is retraced and we can see we can see that the artist, digging into graphite, sounds out the faces and the gestures of the characters with a minutia of details that competes with the photographic medium.

In fact, the figures seem to come alive and interact directly with the viewer, stimulating intense emotions in him.


For example, you would say to Mastroianni who inhales ravenously a mouthful of cigarette: “Be careful at the ash!”, while you would offer a drink to Bukowski catched with the eyes taken apparently off.


Similarly, you would give to prince Carlo, elegant in his red polo player mise, a pat on the back,and would, remembering him that his life of eternal second could have been worse and you would hug Tennent Colombo catched in a sly smile.


Important critics and journalists like Francesco Arcangeli, Luciano Minguzzi, Davide Lajolo and Vittorio Sgarbi have written about Gabriella Marazzi’s activity.

Marazzi Gabriella

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