Marubbi Alberto

Alberto Marubbi was born in Genoa in 1972. He is a professional photographer.

In fact, he has turned his passion for the photography into a work after he left the courtroom.


The artist was selected in Catalogo di Arte Moderna printed by Cairo Editore and was published in specialized magazines like Arte.

He has already several solo shows on his credit.

At present he collaborates with an art gallery in Genoa as regards photographic shows.


His techniques are very characteristic and original: from the selective color to the collection Inside on the flowers’ pistils, finishing with the Broken Walls, which are the overlapping of two images: a chipped wall and another photo. The firsts subjects of the life realized with his images are born from this creative inspiration: placemats, bags and cups. Indeed, one of his references is Andy Warhol.


"Alberto Marubbi’s photographies are a really original combination of mixed media, especially digital (...). From one side we find the context in black and white in order to involve the observer, to create winsome episodes (...). The color insert into the support generates an unique dynamism, produces a cathartic energy, incites not only to look but also to see over the subject. His contribution at the discipline is considerable because it suggests a new way: it does not describe, but points new applications connected to the bi-chromatism." - Fabio Bianchi

Marubbi Alberto

Via G. Soliman, 10-3 - 16154 Genova (GE) - IT

Tel: +39 010.0962122 - Mob: +39 346.1381787

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