Meddi Gino

Gino Meddi was born in 1957. He is enthralled by music and painting since his youth. In 1972 he has dedicated himself to music playing in different bands and with Don Backy.

Once this experience was finished, he started dedicate himself entirely to painting. During his artistic career he met the surrealistic painter Gordon Faggetter, with who he has exhibited in 1991.

After this encounter, Gino Meddi moved from the landscapes and the flowers to the surreal, from the lands to the chromatic hues, playing between cold and warm colors.


His compositions describe imaginary and dreamy views, laying the observers in front of an harmony of the opposites which converge to a balance that is emphasized by the contrast between space-color-shape.


Among the exhibitions he has partaken there are "Ritrattiamo" at Galleria Hesperia of Pomezia in 1991, "Les Italiens4" at Galerie de L’Europe of Paris and, the following year, "Sanità Malata" at Galleria Spazio 40 in Rome.

Among the prizes he won there are Premio d’arte in Breno (Bs) and Premio Arte 24 Natale di Roma at Cascina Farsetti - Villa Pamphili (Rome).

Since 2014, two of his artworks are shown in Padua at the galleries of D.ssa Carla d’Aquino.

Meddi Gino

Via dello Scoglio, 22 - 00020 Roccagiovine (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 328 4230999

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