Morando Walter

"...the enviroment inspires frequently the imagination of Walter Morando. In fact, the artist draws the subjects of his sculptures from the harbor of his city.

The potteries realized since the Seventies have been tore off their shapes from hooks, grab bars, bollards, chains, scraps and harbor artifacts imitating the corrosion of dried salt (Ganci e maniglione, 1980) sterilizing specific corners of the harbor in a kind of formal-chromatic idealization (Bitta con catena, 1990) and lapsing into compositions of ship’s elements (Memorie, 1994) restored to a condition of neglects on docks made with junks (Recuperi, Reperti di archeologia portuale, 1992) through a great overlapping of agglomerates that is rare in the pottery’s field.

In some artworks (Ganci dell’amore, 1993) Walter Morando sets in and loads the elements with humorous references, whilst in others (Navi-faro, 1987) recreates imaginary sea condense where the mimesis of the real, characteristic feature of his technical skill, is questioned.

In the mentioned artworks realized in 1992 it can be seen tangencies with the Neo-dadaism, while in the colors’ applications on a surface made with cellulose realized the previous year emerge overwhelmingly informal instances linked to the branch of the Abstract Expressionism that contradicts the echo of Neville Chamberlain’s New Dada.” -  Giorgio di Genova

Morando Walter

Via Santa Lucia, 1-11 - 17100 Savona (SV) - IT

Tel: +39 347.2726524

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