Officina del Mosaico

A mosaic workshop in Ravenna


Luciana Notturni's Officina del Mosaico in Ravenna has operated for many years in the mosaic field, both locally and internationally.


The activities carried out by the Studio cover various aspects of the mosaic language, from restoration and maintenance of existing mosaic artifacts, to the production of contemporary and ancient mosaics, as well as design and creation of mosaics for public and private users.


This workshop is distinguished by the technique used to make mosaics where materials such as glass paste, gold smalti, stone and marble are cut with the help of ancient tools.
The tools, called mosaic hammer and hardie (a thick chisel), allow you to obtain a "split" of the faceted materials that is very close to the effect of ancient mosaics and enriches the artistic rendering of the mosaic artifacts.


The Studio has always been interested in protecting mosaic heritage by collaborating with institutions for the maintenance and restoration of mosaic works that decorate Ravenna, and on request from entities, institutions, and private persons they provide technical advice and intervention.


The Officina del Mosaico in Ravenna creates ancient copies (Roman and Byzantine) that are very faithful to the originals, often based on a painted drawing (called a cartoon) copied from the existing ancient mosaic. Furthermore they use materials (glass pastes and stones) and meticulously selected colours that are as close to the original as possible.

The strength of the Studio is its deep and profound knowledge of mosaic technique and the traditional methods of this ancient art.


What is paramount for Luciana Notturni and the Officina del Mosaico in Ravenna is to spread the fascination of this "eternal art" with passion and dedication far and wide.

To increase the global reach of mosaic art, weekly intensive courses are available for beginners and those who want to refine their technique.


Officina del Mosaico

Via Francesco Negri, 14 - 48121 Ravenna (RA) - IT

Tel: +39 335.5618485

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