Orafo Gabrielli

Goldsmith Gabrielli studio, in the centre of Brunico , is an excellence in the field of contemporary jewellery.

He forges unique, original and precious  pieces melting craft tradition and design. Year after year people develops awareness choosing a personal style, getting out from the approval and fashion trends. In this context, the contemporary jewellery has lost the decorative function, becoming an expression of the customer personality. The goldsmith's task, therefore, is to get out from the traditional constraints, and create unique tailor made items that reflect and exalt person’s individuality. Doris Gabrielli, daughter of art, goldsmith and designer, has participated in numerous international contests, including Kaliningrad, where her creations have been awarded on several occasions and today are part of the Amber Museum collection.

Orafo Gabrielli

Via Centrale, 7a - 39031 Brunico (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 0474.555301

Fax: +39 0474.555301


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