Potestio Pasquale

Pasquale Potestio studied Architecture at La Sapienza of Rome. During these years, he attended the Art School. This experience allows him to improve the use of color.


Among the exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Spain, England, ecc.) he has partaken there are the recent solo show at Spazio Belvedere in Greccio (Ri) and the international show at the art gallery La Spadarina in Piacenza.

The artist has been honored with several prizes, such as the one of Grande Maestro 2016 in Palermo and the International Prize Novecento Guttuso in Bagheria (Pa).


His references are the great art masters, among which there are Michelangelo Buonarroti, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Paul Cézanne and Renato Guttuso. The recurring theme of Pasquale Potestio artworks is Rome, set of his landscapes but also of his portraits and myths. The Italian capital is represented in its various aspects, either classical and panoramic.


"The artist counters a strong iconographic classicism with a more innovative and contemporary artistic background. Here, the reinterpretation, with a classicist tone, of the ancient myth allows to see the excellent artistic qualities of Pasquale Potestio and the deep study that leads the Master to the desire to fulfill the final act of his stylistic and aesthetic research that is at the root of a new understanding of the beauty. A strong chromatic equilibrium keeps the work balanced in the hues and shapes. In this way, it could always be faint and strongly contemporary. However, it mainly preserves its own pictorial personality ad aeternum, spreading a talent that deserves attention."Sandro Serradifalco

Potestio Pasquale

Via Capolimiti, 67-69 - 02045 Greccio (RI) - IT

Tel: +39 331.8615562



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