Redaelli Michele e Giordano

Michele Redaelli was born in 1985. He graduated in scientific branch of knowledge in Wien and in economics one in London, spacing that out with a career in Maribor, Slovenia.

He approached the art world when he was young thanks to his father’s passion. From the exchange of views with him, Michele Redaelli develops a new artistic language that celebrate the computer, which he considers as one of the most significant technologies of the human history.


Giordano Redaelli lives in Molteno (Lecco) and alternates his activity between Brianza and Milan. He studied at Scuola Grafica Salesiana and at Scuola Superiore d’Arte del Castello, where he took the diploma in commercial art and in visual arts.

He worked as layout artist and, later, as Art Director of the weekly magazine TV Sorrisi e Canzoni. He founded the graphic studio Giordano Redaelli in Milan and Methodus, a communication agency that works mainly in the interior design field, in Giussano.


Since 1998, the experience acquired in the graphic and packaging branch lays the groundwork for an original exploration of the contemporary art, using the boxes of several consumer goods.

Since 2009, he exhibits in important Italian and foreign cities like Milan, Turin, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Lugano and Paris. Since 2016 he develops with his son Michele the artistic visualization of the binary code.

Redaelli Michele e Giordano

Viale Giovanni XXIII, 102 - 23847 Molteno (LC) - IT

Tel: +39 333.6170724

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