Russo Lidia

M. Sculptor Lidia Russo Raku Ceramist- International famous- Exhibits in Museum Shows and Solo Exhibitions with a Profound Artistic and Cultural Significance-And it is Represented by Gagliardi Gallery in London”-Multi- awarded she has attended Stage Advanced of High Education on Artistical Modeling-The Master ranges between The Metaphysics The Conceptual Art Anthropology Monumental Installation on Igneous rock-Some of the techniques and materials that she uses are Eucalipto Wood-Olive Wood-The Un-finished of Michelangelo- BronzeFusion-RakuTechnique-Iron-Steel-tuffStone.Soleto-CarraraMarble.The artist has been claimed by the “European Confedration of ArtCritics London in collaboration with Art Museum Chianciano One of the “Heirs of Michelangelo-Bernini Canova and Rodin using the same methodologies of 500YearsAgo- Her artworks are reviewed in the main Art publications and Contemporary Art Historian: The New York Times\American Art News\Arte States New York\ICA-Publishing \The First Berliner Book\Acca in Arte (RM)\Dalla Figurazione al ConcettualeV. Sgarbi-Artista Nella Storia\Cairo Editore(MI)Il Quadrato(MI)Antologia-PeriodicoAccademia(LI I Contempo- ranei -in the City of Uffizzi- (FI)) Collezzione Arte - Art Historian that have written about Her: Rosewo- od-Levi-Falossi-Pinto-Casiraghi-Lappon-Foschi-De Gregorio-Mazzetti-Maci-Bison-Serradifalco Josè Van Roy Dali -Some events the Artist has took part in: Biennal Int.Chelsea Old Town Hall 2015\1Prize European Confederation of Art Critics London-(Biennal Int.2017Chelsea Old Town Hall “Anglo Italian Academy-Third Prize-(2017ExpoArt di Chianciano \Biennal Int.Berliner Art Prize su 1838 Artists\Show Castello of Bratislava(Rep.SK)1Prize Int. Paris -Vienna P.Stemberg-della Cultura\S.Brancaccio\M.Int-P.Ximenes-p.Panciati- chi-M.Int- At MiC-KUrsaal \M.Int.S.del Bramante(RM) M.Int.Novecento V.Palagonia(PA) |Among the Prizes she received: Art Doctor Honoris Causa\ award for her service\FI).Oscar For The Culture (FI) ASA Designation as Academic for the Applied Sciences (RM)1prize of the Critics-AL).

Russo Lidia

Corso Tullio Boccarusso, 17 - 80040 Massa di Somma (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 334.7466764

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Eccezionale rappresentazione di un momento del dolore e della sofferenza.