Sala Guido

Guido Sala Lives in Bitetto (Ba).

He attended Accademia di Belle Arti of Bari where he specialized in Comunicazione and Didattica dell’Arte.


When he was young he became interested in painting and developed a personal expressive language that permits him to get the unexpected flares of the night in his artworks.


The artist has partaken in several exhibitions and Prizes, where he obtained a large approval by the critic and the public.


“Guido Sala experiences his painting with great passion. He seems to have chosen his city as field research in experiences that, by few years, are consolidating in more and more refined solutions. His artworks are strongly communicative: in fact, it is possible recover several feelings and emotions through marks of color endowed with impressionistic tone and moving shreds of light and substance. Visions of houses, streets, squares and stations emerge from the darkness and the rainfall thanks to a material line used with knowledge.” - Giustina Coda


Sala Guido

Via Papa Pio XII°, 1a - 70020 Bitetto (BA) - IT

Tel: +39 348.0599224 / +39 334.2717072

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