Scola Anita

Anita Scola was born in Naples, where she currently lives and works.

She graduated at Istituto Statale Boccioni and she earned a degree in Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti of Naples with the guidance of Carmine Di Ruggiero.

In 1990, she has started to exhibit in solo shows in Bologna, Milan, Lugano and in collective in NewYork and Rome, reaching a great interest by the critics and the audience.

The artist has received academic merits by Accademia Neapolis of Pomigliano d’Arco (Na), by Accademia Internazionale Greci Marino of Novara and by Accademia del Terzo Millennio of Milan.

Anita Scola has earned several prizes and acknowledgments, such as Nobel dell’Arte of Montecarlo.

Among the critics whom have written about the artist there are Vito Cracas, Giorgio Grasso and Giovanni Cardone.


"Expert and knowledgeable artist, Anita Scola shows a mature and expressive pictorial language. Her canvases are frequently dedicate to all the urban conglomerates located alongshore: towers, roofs, attics, staircases and belfries are gathered together with an arabesque lightness, giving back to the observer impalpable architectures with thin and just about angular walls. The human presence is eked out: the streets of the villages appear often almost empty and are caught at the crack of dawn, in the evening or in the middle of the night while loving couples or solitary figures walk with a varying strut, giving a signature of magic mystery.

The palette describes considerably the phases of day and night, enlivening every artwork with harmonic chromatic hues with ethereal and rich in emotions tones. The brush stroke is vivid, concrete and material: it is impossible not appreciate the way in which she gives personality to a suffered and contemplated pictorial texture, where the illusion of the inaccuracy emerges through a technique that is measured, meticulous and full of details able to instill an unique vitality, fruit of the original creativity of artist, into the painting. The adherence to the real is mixed with a descriptive bent with poetic tones capable actualize itself through clear and coherent visual symphonies. The work of Anita Scola is an homage to the mediterranean landscape interpreted in a lyric and oneiric key. It makes an impact and involves thanks to a distinguishable and refined style, that is certainly able to lead the observer in a journey rich in beauty and emotions."Vito Cracas

Scola Anita

Via Michelangelo Schipa, 61 - 80122 Parco Arata (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.2479929

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