Serratore Antonella

Antonella Serratore was born in Lentini (Sr).


Valid figurative painter formed studying at the Istituto statale d’arte di Catania, the artist continue to be concretely appreciated by several art critics for her pictorial language impregnated with an original research of expressive freedom completely personal and heterogeneous.


About her have written, among other, the famous critics Fortunato Orazio Signorello (who dedicates to the artist a monographically publication, edited in 2012 by the Kritios Edizioni, entitled Antonella Serratore. Dinamismo stilistico) and Giorgio Falossi.


The artist took part in several regional and national exhibitions. In 2017 the Museo Emilio Greco of Catania hosted - curated by the art critic Signorello - the solo shows "Virtuosismi Tecnici".

The following year, in the same museum, took place another solo show - organized by the Accademia Federiciana and curated by Signorello - entitled "Contrasti Cromatici".
She is member of the Accademia Federiciana (Ct).


... In the decision of her will to continue a personal path to “preserve” her stylistic autonomy, Antonella Serratore has the need to express her inner world and her creativity through a painting - that is congenial to her personality - which highlights - leaving the observer free to understand, interpret, express a judgement - the link between the creating idea and artwork completed…


Serratore Antonella

c/o Accademia Federiciana Via Borgo, 12 - 95125 Catania (CT) - IT

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