Sonnini Massimo

Massimo Sonnini was born in Torrita di Siena (Si) in 1937. He has partaken in several solo and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


The artist develops in his artworks an ironic and, sometimes, visionary comparison between the world of the childhood and the toys and the current one. The chromatic element has an important role and reflects the interiority of the artist.


Periodicals and specialized magazines such as Arte Cultura, Disegnare e dipingere, Arte & Carte, Varia, Segni d’Arte and La Toscana has given an interest in Massimo Sonnini’s artworks.


"Massimo Sonnini loves the art and finds safe refuge in it. The Tuscan artist, who is provided with marked talents, as well as sensitive and imaginative, realizes in a simple, sharp and lyric way, researching constantly harmony, a kind of diary that could combine the event and the story. The tale of a fable in which the subjects, the situations and the landscapes are described through an original pictorial language becomes a transliteration: from the reality to the imagination. In his artworks, there are a suspended world. In the formal plots are outlined inner dissidences, life’s difficulties and everyday stresses which make someone think and meditate on the subjects that emerge from the composite formal elaboration characterized by significant chromatic rhythms. His ability on description, which is apparently simple, is an expression free of rationality and metaphorical analysis of daily events. (...) The structure of his artworks, which is either well-built and free of calculated sketchiness enlightened with stylistic spontaneity and delicacy, is elaborated with self-confidence." - Loredana Trestin

Sonnini Massimo

Via Monte Grappa, 6 - 53049 Torrita di Siena (SI) - IT

Tel: +39 338.7351598

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