Stefanelli Claudio

Claudio Stefanelli has been graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, where he attended the courses held by Gastone Breddo and by Silvio Loffredo. The artist has obtained the teacher qualification in artistic subjects.


He has exhibited in several shows in Italy and abroad, has partaken in the first edition of the Biennale d’Arte città di Gallipoli and he has won, among others, the Premio Copertina città di Terni.

From 1983 to 1992, he alternated the artistic activity with the job of Conservatore dei Civici Musei at the City of Pescia (Pt). From 1992 to 2015, he took up the direction of the office.


In the Nineties, Claudio Stefanelli realized a retrospective exhibition entitled "Dalle nature morte alle forme" that was hosted in several German cities, such as Unna, Münster and Ludenscheid.

Once the exhibition came back in Italy, it was shown at the Castle of Buggiano (Pt).

Among the recent expositions, it is recalled those at the Gold Smith Gallery of Boston and at the Napiorkowsca’s Gallery in Bruxelles.

The artist has also partaken in several virtual exhibitions organized by Web Art Magazine and by ART-ARTE.


"Claudio Stefanelli is a case in the art world. It does not exist an example in which painting, sculpture, formal and informal elements, abstract and figurative and pop Art and Body Art are blended together in a similar way. The images conveyed on the canvas by the Claudio Stefanelli seem to grow from the bowels of the earth like Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden: they are pictures that move around under a crumpled towel of linen from which lights and shadows, that are going to leave the placenta they resided until now due to start their route on life, originate. It seems that the subjects, the scenery and the shapes hug each other in an endless embrace. Claudio Stefanelli is beyond every logic classification and, with his work, carries out a kind of “structural linguistic revolution” where he redefines the way to make art, which becomes now a spiritual tension. The artist feels the need of the tridimensional illusion of the artwork, and realizes it confirming again the complementarity between formal and informal, abstract and figurative..." - Eraldo Di Vita

Stefanelli Claudio

Via dei Cardellini, 10 - 51017 Pescia (PT) - IT

Tel: +39 0572.478932 - Mob: +39 329.0028433

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