Ugolotti Jucci

Jucci Ugolotti was born in Parma, where she currently lives and works. She obtained the diploma at Accademia di Brera of Milan, where she took the classes held by Marino Marini and Alik Cavaliere.

In the Seventies, she devotes herself to teaching. Later, she started to exhibit in solo and collective shows in Italy and abroad.


Nowadays, Jucci Ugolotti recovers monumental sculptures and sets up museum exhibitions. In 1995, she was appointed Accademico delle Belle Arti for the artistic value shown. In 2015, she has partaken in 56° Biennale Internazionale d’Arte of Venice.

She is currently a member of Consiglio di Presidenza of Accademia Nazionale di Belle Arti of Parma.

Jucci Ugolotti orients her artistic research to an expressionistic- figurative direction developing personal graphic and shaped pattern.

The artist carries out plastic and chromatic experimentations that bring her to alternate precious materials, such as marbles and bronze, with modest ones, such as terracotta and gypsum, on a monumental scale.

Jucci Ugolotti’s artworks are in private collections and in public areas in Italy and abroad.


"Jucci Ugolotti is broad-shouldered. She has developed them in an excellent gym, in Brera. Therefore, she was far-away from Parma, her hometown, where she would go back on the heels of first-level sculptures like Alik Cavaliere and Marino Marini. From them Jucci Ugolotti learns, as well as the strong and undeniable craft, to cultivate the mental freedom at the origin of her way of confronting herself with the sculpture, which is exible and smooth and potentially open to every kind of expressive adventure when it is sustained with enough inspirational strength for the sake of the rights of poetry. Jucci Ugolotti’s artworks are characterized not of a single research and style but of as many researches and styles as the lyric cues that the events and the matter, which could be ground or stone and could be painted or red, offer to the artist case by case.

(...) at the base of this mimetic versatility there is an unconditioned inner cohesion that permits to Jucci Ugolotti to be herself every time she expresses in different ways, conscious that every situation, either material and spiritual, deserves a specific solution without support the uniformity of a style that, in her case, is valid when she refuses to maintain it as a constant. The sculpture above all, as in a great big hug." - Vittorio Sgarbi

Ugolotti Jucci

Via Gramigna, 14 - 43018 Sissa di Parma (PR) - IT

Tel: +39 335.333309

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