Violi Donatella

Donatella Violi was born in Ovada (Al). She lives and works in Reggio Emilia.

She has started her artistic career while she was studying at Istituto Magistrale, where she took courses of graphic and engraving.

She began to exhibit in Italy and abroad in 1983. Among the lasts shows she has partaken in we could mention the solo exhibition "Spuren eines gedankens" at FORUM 3 in Stuttgart in 2008 and the collective one PRESENZE- ASSENZE in Gravina in Puglia (Ba) in 2010.


The main theme of her life and her artworks is the travel, meant as itinerary either physical and interior.

As Aurora Marzi has observed, the images and the sounds originated from the direct contact with different realities are written down on the canvas through brushes filled with colors and a vigorous and sharp line. In this way, the paintings become a kind of logbooks of her inner journey. Several artworks are at the Besharat Contemporary Gallery in Atlanta and in Barbizon.


"Donatella Violi’s artworks are permeated with a rare ed atmosphere that is free of spatial and temporal points of references. This throws us in a dimension “of waiting” where the real place and the inner one bump into each other provoking a unique synthesis. This condensation creates an intangible aura that invites the viewer into the artists’ soul, identifying himself in it. Later, these surreal landscapes allow him to have access to his aura. Leaded by the cues left by Antonella Violi in the sky of the paintings, the observer starts new innovative thoughts depending on his state of mind and his personal life which bring him to discover and know deeply himself."Sara Tassan Solet

Violi Donatella

Via Samoggia, 45-1 - 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) - IT

Tel: +39 338.9610294

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