Desiderio Gioielli

Desiderio Gioielli exclusive creations in Capri Island


Desiderio Jewelery was founded in 1930s in Capri by Luigi Desiderio.

Since the 1950's when he took over the family business, Paolo, has played an important role in the shop's management turning it into an entrepreneurial activity.


Today the current owner, Enrico Desiderio menage the company with high degree of attention offering to his international customers, prestigious Made in Italy brands, refined design and craftsmanship. His deep knowledge of precious stones and jewel's design give life to the exclusive Desiderio Collection.


Desiderio Gioielli exclusive creations in Capri Island: Pearl, Coral and precious stones creations!


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Desiderio Gioielli

Piazza Umberto I, 16 - 80073 Capri (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.8370011

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