Trattoria Da Pasquale

The best traditional cuisine in Capri


The Trattoria Da Pasquale is one of the most important landmarks of traditional cuisine in Capri. Since generation, the same family handed down the classic recipes of Capri such as the famous handmade ravioli, the octopus salad, the renowned ptarmigan, the scialatelli (Capri's handmade pasta) with fish... and finally the caprese cake with ice cream.


The philosophy of the restaurant is based on quality and on use of exclusively genuine products, respecting territoriality and seasonality, coupling Caprese tradition with an awareness of the modern world. This winning mix between tradition and innovation leads by creating extraordinary dishes.


The Trattoria da Pasquale also offers take away service.


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Trattoria Da Pasquale

Via Roma, 75d - 80076 Capri (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.8378125

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