La Ruotellina è Claudio Zanettin

La Ruotellina the top of antique store in Cortina by Claudio Zanettin


Claudio Zanettin is an institution in Cortina, where he is from. Since the opening in 1975 of his first antique gallery, it is immediately clear his remarkable flair and originality that will lead him to create, through years of research all over the world, an inimitable timeless collection of works.


Well known for his passion for collecting works of art dated back to the ancient Tyrol, he has been the first Italian antiquarians to devote himself to the Decadent Culture, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. His gallery becomes the reference point of any collector so much that he has to open galleries in Milan and Porto Rotondo to meet the needs of his clients.


His eclectic personality brings him closer goldsmith's art and its extraordinary experimentation, leading him to collaborate with famous people with whom he carry out exhibitions throughout Italy, of small priceless masterpieces.

His great interest on contemporary jewels lead him to create a committee involving renowned high society Italian personalities to promote contemporary jewellery.


Today his gallery "Ruotellina is Claudio Zanettin" offers a collection of unique pieces and an exclusive Eau de parfume "Edelbàa ", patented by him, in numbered bottles, elegantly embellished with an edelweiss, and sold only in the Cortina gallery.

La Ruotellina è Claudio Zanettin

Largo delle Poste, 43 - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) - IT

Tel: +39 0436.866333 - Mob. +39 348.5856858

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