Scuola Sci Alleghe Civetta

Our goal: to make you discover the mountain


The Ski School Alleghe Civetta is located in the Civetta ski resort.


"Our goal is to make you discover the mountain and to experience your day on the snow in a simple and fun way. Expert teachers and National Instructors will show you the wonderful world of snow and the Dolomites, organizing guided tours. Our professional Instructors provide appropriate program for children based on fun snow games and specific programs that represent important teaching tools to build age appropriate lessons."


The area offers a school camp, served by ski lifts and chairlifts suitable for children.

The team includes also, specialized instructors in teaching to disabled people, both children than adults, helping them to break down their psychological and physical barriers that can limit their approach to the fantastic world of snow.


Scuola Sci Alleghe Civetta

Corso Italia, 1 - 32022 Alleghe (BL) - IT

Tel: 0437.723716 - Mob 328.6492618

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