Chiaia Napoli

Chiaia Napoli is a young artisanal company that has made its way into the sphere of international tailoring and men's couture with a stylistic concept rooted in the bespoke tailoring tradition of Naples.


Its name is dedicated to the famous district of Naples, where aristocrats, gentlemen and celebrities have created a temple of stylistic sophistication during the classic era of men's style and fine tailoring, and era that luckily appears to return to a contemporary Renaissance in our time.


However, Chiaia tailoring is not just a typical neapolitan tailoring firm, while we respect its canons and quirks, we aspire to stylistic innovation in cut and details making the Chiaia suit an extraordinary product.


The hands of Chiaia are made of experience, that of Vincenzo Annunziata, historical Neapolitan trousermaker, and of innovation, that of his son Gennaro, one of the youngest and most promising Italian tailors.


Through this balance, we are able to create a high-quality and unique product, designed to welcome, and sometimes to hide, the personality of each customer, accommodating every his desire.


Then, Chiaia sees "tailoring" not only as an expression of technical know-how, but also wants to be a place of culture where like-minded Gentlemen discuss and share experiences and concepts, a place to broaden your mind.

The most authentic garment is born there, it is at first an intellectual idea that than takes a physical form.

Chiaia Napoli

Via Domenico Morelli, 27 - 80132 Napoli (NA) - IT

Tel: Mob. +39 320.9307549

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