Pas Vu'

An original lab-store in the centre of Rome


Pas Vu’ is an original lab-store of handmade leather bags, accessories and jewellery in the centre of Rome.


The artist is Patrizia Pecoraro who combines ancient craftsmanship with contemporary design.

The bags are created using a careful selection of high-quality leathers from Tuscany. The distinctive mark of the brand is the use of crinkled leather and a metal look, made with particular and always different processes: frayed, knotted and rolled up, sometimes joined with metal accessories in satin silver.


Mini shoulder bags, shoppers, backpacks, briefcases, hobo bag, and the very popular "Moulin", a shoulder bag in hand-cut and crinkled leather, available in different sizes and customizable. The necklaces and bracelets of Pas Vu are truly unique and original pieces, where her new creation stand out; leather bracelets made with special workmanship that makes them seem metallic. 



Pas Vu'

Via del Pellegrino,132 - 00186 Roma (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 06.68802840

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