Acetaia Rossi Barattini

The Italian excellence that is Modena Balsamic Vinegar 


In the splendid countryside of Emilia Romagna some excellent Italian products are made, of these a prominent place is occupied by Balsamic Vinegar.

Among the producers, at the apex for history and tradition, we find Acetaia Rossi Barattini.


The family Rossi Barattini for generations dedicates its attention to the antique custom of producing Balsamic Vinegar from Modena.

Attention that is focused on the choice and the cooking of the must, in selecting the barrels, in the most suitable place for the aging and in the correct processing time.


The family traditionally traces the origin of the secular barrels in which the "traditional Balsamic Vinegar", now D.O.P., matures.

The must comes exclusively from the  grapes produced on the family farm.


Beside the Balsamic Vinegar the company also makes some typical seasonal produce such as onion sauce, strawberry, plum and pear preserve with a Balsamic Vinegar base.

Acetaia Rossi Barattini

Via Giardini Sud, 170 - 41043 Formigine (MO) - IT

Tel: +39 335.8425571

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