Alla Zeppola Dorata

Tradition and typicality in Vietri sul Mare


Water, flour and baking powder were enough; he shaped by hand as a tiny "el", he deep-fried it to cook and create a flavourful brown crust, and finally he has topped it with powdered sugar. This is how the golden zeppola was born. It was the 40’s, in the middle of the great war...


Here is the genesis of one of the most renowned of Vietri Sul Mare (SA) pastry product, told directly by Luigi Avallone, the Luigi and Arcangela Avallone’s favourite nephew, who at only 14 years learned technique used to prepare the speciality, and to whom was entrusted with the "secret recipe".

In the 80s the strong label "Alla Zeppola Dorata" (To the Golden Zeppola) were registered in the name of Avallone Luigi, the only owner and holder of the ancient recipe.


Since 2009, the company offers its franchise project to open new sales stores in Italy and abroad, with a modest investment.



Alla Zeppola Dorata

Via De Marinis 42/44 - 84019 Molina Di Vietri Sul Mare (SA) - IT

Tel: +39 08.9211483

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