Azienda Agricola Casanova Riccardo

Highest quality cheese in the Val di Peio


The family run Casanova Riccardo Agriculture Company has its roots in the Trentino Stelvio National Park at the foot of Ortisei Cevedale mountain group.


The farm, specializing in processing of milk and production of cheeses with artisan method, has the privilege to use only high quality milk obtained by the herds that graze on the mountains of the Val di Pejo, a valley rich in fresh mountain grass, water and good air, so the cheese they get from milk is of the highest quality.


The dairy produces and sells fresh and seasoned cheese as well cured meat directly in the farm shop.


Upon request is possible to tour the farm, the cheese factory, organize educational farm tours or see the cave where the products of the Casanova family are aged.

Azienda Agricola Casanova Riccardo

Via XXIV Maggio, 77 - 38024 Peio (TN) - IT

Tel: +39 328.1570139 - +39 320.7124764

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