Bar Cantina del Suisse

In the heart of Madonna di Campiglio, the pearl of the Dolomites, Bar Suisse is a place with a special atmosphere, where the fashionable and the smart set meet for amusement.

The ancient hunting lodge belonging to the Emperor Francesco Giuseppe is transformed into a trendy meeting place.

Before and after the ski descents the young and not so young meet to decide their evening and nighttime plans.

In the afternoon delicious snacks can be enjoyed while waiting for aperitif time, with a large selection of wines and champagne.

In Piazza Righi underneath Bar Suisse, 'Cantina del Suisse' is located, where local specialities can be ordered, with hot and cold starters, game based dishes and traditional alpine desserts, together with suggestions from a modern and sophisticated gastronomy.

Then, until morning listening to live music, enjoying cocktails prepared by professional barmen and an interesting selection of fine whiskies.

Bar Cantina del Suisse

Piazza Righi, 10 e 7 - 38086 Madonna di Campiglio (TN) - IT

Tel: +39 0465.443481 - +39 0465.440935

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