Brunati Sushi

 Japanese gourmet cuisine


In a minimal and modern setting, the Brunati Restaurant reflects the soothing calm of its nearby Garda lake location.

This sophisticated restaurant offers the most traditional Japanese gourmet cuisine including sushi and sashimi, sourced from selected fish suppliers from Mediterranean Sea.


The high-level chefs prepare their dishes with flawless execution, and extreme precision using Japanese cutting techniques in order to get the right taste and freshness. Every ingredient, in fact, have different thicknesses and consistencies, requiring from Brunati's chefs in-depth knowledge of the specific cutting techniques for each well as teaches the best Eastern tradition.


Restaurant Brunati a great choice for those who want more than just a classic sushi experience.

Brunati Sushi

Via Brunati, 64 - 25087 Salò (BS) - IT

Tel: +39 0365.20292 - Mob: +39 366.2437659

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