Cafè Demetz


Since 1936 quality and cordiality in Ortisei


Modern environment, fashionable style and quality, a warm friendly service, this is the historical Cafè Demetz, bar / patisserie / ice cream parlor located in the heart of Ortisei.


Opened in 1936, the Cafè Demetz is a symbol of Ortisei, an ideal place to enjoy high quality products such as snacks, typical sweets, hard biscuits, cakes or savour fine wines on the terrace that overlooks the pedestrian area.


Café Demetz perfectly combines tranquillity and worldliness offering different drinking spaces, quietest or lively hall rooms, always with a quality and courtesy service. You cannot miss its special “apple strudel” in puff or short crust pastry, daily prepared, while in winter you have absolutely to try the exclusive aperitif with oysters and champagne.



Cafè Demetz

Via Rezia, 44 - 39046 Ortisei (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 327.9370922

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