Chocolat Collomb

Chocolat, the excellence of pastry in La Thuile


A historical chocolate and pastry in La Thuile is the Chocolat of Stefano Collomb, a mâitre chocolathier always looking for excellence, experimentation and a careful selection of the raw material.


The wide production of Chocolat tells the flavours of the Aosta Valley land to which the maître chocolatier is deeply connected.

From Chocolat you can taste specialties such as: the Fondue Chocolate berry tarts, apple pie, three chocolate cake and the delicious "Tometta of La Thuile", 320 grams of pleasure.


The maître chocolatier Collomb is also working with "Plums of California" where he became Ambassador and created 5 different chocolates combining the taste of plums with some Italian specialties such as the IGP Piedmont hazelnuts and Balsamic Vinegar.


Chocolat Collomb

Hamlet Entreves - 11016 La Thuile (AO) - IT

Tel: +39 0165.884783 - Mob. +39 349.5829828

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