Gazzarrini Tartufi

San Miniato Truffle in the heart of Tuscany


The best truffles in Tuscany can be found at Gazzarrini Tartufi, who for generations are dedicated to the search and sale of San Miniato Truffle.


From the early 1900 the forefather of the family Eugenio Gazzarrini traded the precious San Miniato Truffle making it famous in all of Italy.


Thanks to the profound knowledge of the territory and an experienced staff, Gazzarrini proposes high quality produce whether it is the precious fresh tuber ( white, “bianchetto”, summer black), or the ample choice of San Miniato Truffle based preparations, delicious creams, butters and various types of sauces, optimum of the preparation of starters and first courses, also for flavouring meat fish and egg dishes.


The love for their work, and a continual search for betterment are the ingredients of a luxury product within everyone's reach, Gazzarrini is able to satisfy the most demanding and refined palates, making your dishes special.


Gazzarrini Tartufi

Loc. La Serra - Via Balconevisi, 15 - 56024 San Miniato (PI) - IT

Tel: +39 0571.460047

Fax: +39 0571.460047

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