Il Mare di Felice

A fish restaurant in Ravenna for those who love genuine and good cuisine 


There are places that have a soul, that smell of memories and taste good.

Like the new fish restaurant in Ravenna "Il Mare di Felice" and the twin shop next to it, "Antica Bottega di Felice", which carry on the history and tradition of Felice Malpassi. This famous cheese and salami trader of the city has transmitted to Roberto and Giordana the love for genuine and good cuisine and above all the peasant philosophy of "all homemade".


Located in an eighteenth-century building its blue walls, soft lights and a large fireplace make the atmosphere of this fish restaurant in Ravenna, intimate and welcoming.


The menu, based on the quality of local raw materials and almost exclusively on the catch of the day, proposes "poor recipes" of the Romagna seafood cuisine expertly reworked by the chef.
Absolute protagonists are blue fish from the Adriatic, fresh pasta and homemade desserts.


The excellent wine list expresses the link between typical flavours and territory.

Il Mare di Felice

Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 2 - 48121 Ravenna (RA) - IT

Tel: +39 0544.202453

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