L'Acciuga Osteria

A fish osteria in Ravenna able to surprise senses and imagination of its customers


In the city of Ravenna, a few steps from the historic centre, there is a fish Italian osteria where eating becomes a multisensory experience.

The Acciuga Osteria is not the usual tavern but a kind of "Submarine" where to embark and deep into the "abyss of the pleasures of the palate".


Steel walls, bolts, portholes, ropes, life rings, flashing lights, pipes, hatches and a muffled silence reproduce the atmosphere of the mythical "giant of the seas".

On the contrary of the nautical charts, here there are tasty menus that change constantly, even from morning to evening according to the catch of the day.

 Traditional recipes in extraordinary combinations, local products to which chef Matteo Salbaroli, lends a touch of unusual culinary innovation for a journey into the simple and genuine flavours of the sea.


In addition to the daily specials, crudités and, of course, the selection of Italian and Cantabrian anchovies, are a must-try.
The wine cellar is excellent.


The Acciuga fish Osteria in Ravenna: for a lunch or a dinner to remember, in the City of Mosaic!

L'Acciuga Osteria

Viale Francesco Baracca, 74 - 48121 Ravenna (RA) - IT

Tel: +39 0544.212713



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