Osteria del Teatro

Located In the centre of Etruscan Cortona, in a 6th century building, Osteria del Teatro Is a typical Tuscan restaurant which combine genuine and tasty cuisine with refined techniques.

Chef and owner Emiliano Rossi carefully oversees every detail, also menu planning, made from local products.

Thanks his long experience, chef Rossi creates unique and original dishes.

Three different settings welcome you in an elegant and very exclusive atmosphere: the first room reclaiming the typical features of the ancient inns of Tuscany, the second is characterized by a cosy contest; the third is enriched by precious frescoes, which make your dinner or your lunch in Cortona intimate and romantic.          

Osteria del Teatro

Via Maffei, 2 - 52044 Cortona (AR) - IT

Tel: +39 0575.630556

Fax: +39 0575.630556



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