Pasta Shop

"My name is Claudio Cova and I create pastaproducts.
In my factory I produce lot of different pasta specialities like my famous fresh pasta, organic pastaproducts or pasta with a special taste.
I founded Pastashop 17 years ago and since then I haven’ t stopped to create new tastes, to kneat or the be amazed by the variety of 'pasta italiana'. For me Pasta is art!"
Pastashop is a world of colours and taste.
A place to explore, where the pasta itself is the main actor. Homemade pasta cooked with traditional recipies passed on from generation to generation and altered by Claudio Cova himself.
Beside the traditional specialities like the stuffed Raviloi, Canerderli, Lasagne or freshly made Pasta, you can find all kind of completely new pasta products like pasta wihout eggs for a better sell-by date.
All our pasta products are prepared by chef Claudio himself, moreover you can find sauces in our shop with all kind of flavors and other delicacies which are suitalbe to be combined with pasta.

Pasta Shop

Via Portici, 29 - 39012 Merano (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 0473.270973

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